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The lifehouse is a person centered, exceptional specialist independent therapeutic school for children and young people. We are almost 11 years old and over this time have developed positive and effective techniques to support and engage the most complex children in learning and life. This year we have decided to develop a training package, to share our skill and to meet a demand to deliver effective training that can be successfully intergrated into everyday working practice.

We have two training streams,


A bespoke Training package. This beings with meeting with the organisation and reflecting on specific issues, specific individuals and the environment; this will then lead on to the development of a focused and bespoke package that meets the targeted needs of the setting. This approach will be very effective for organisations in crisis, organisations which want to develop a their skills to maintain and support complex individuals that are proving a challenge within the existing skill base of the setting and for those organisations who need to develop their skills in differentiation and holistic approaches.

Our second offering is the delivery of Training in a more standardised format:

Training programs.

  1.  Behaviour management
  2.  Autistic spectrum disorder.
  3.  Attachment and trauma including neuroscience
  4. ADHD and impulsive behaviours.

Workshops and active learning

Environment and Knowledge - including provision, needs, space, attunment and communication.

Aggression and frustration. Meaning and management. Responses and consequences. Exploring specific cases and examples. 

Focus group. How to facilitate a thinking, reflective group that address the challenges of a student, or group through discussion, knowledge and practice sharing. Coming together to develop a joined up, considered approach.‚Äč

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities please do get in touch with Kate Broome via the phone or email kateb@bettwslifehouse.org.uk