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Up coming Arthog Trip
16th Aug 2022

Arthog 2018


  • The consent forms are vital for your child to be allowed to attend. Please can they be returned to school by this Friday (28th October)


  • Kit lists are advisory. Please do get in touch if you have any difficulty with this.


NO MOBILE PHONES or ELECTRONIC DEVICES or MONEY. There is no opportunity to spend money and we will take plenty of books and games for down time. Your child is welcome to bring books, comics &  non-electronic games. Thank you.


Medication will be collected in by a member of staff on arrival to school. Please pack medication separately and make sure it is clearly labelled with your child’s names and any dispensing instructions.


  • Please can all payments now be made in full. Please contact Becky at school if you have any difficulty with this.


Please ring school and speak to Meg if you have any concerns or questions regarding the trip, packing or the consent form.