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16th Aug 2022

Publication of Estyn Report

 Although there is more to read , we would like to publish these openeing paragraphs.

'The curriculum provides a broad range of learning experiences that meet the needs of pupils well. Teachers plan lessons with clear learning objectives and stimulating activities that interest pupils and motivate them to learn.

Staff provide sensitive, support for pupils’ social, emotional and wider learning needs. As a result, nearly all pupils engage well in lessons and make strong progress in achieving their targets. Many pupils make particularly strong progress in developing their self-confidence and the skills they need to manage their behaviour successfully.

The school’s mentoring programme provides highly effective arrangements for pupils to contribute their views, reflect on their progress and review their targets. Leaders provide strong direction for the work of the school. They communicate a set of clear aims that centre on providing pupils with individualised learning pathways to help them develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to reach their potential.

Staff at all levels show a strong commitment to these aims and work together effectively to meet pupils’ needs. '


All of the staff at The Lifehouse are very proud of our school and of what is achieved by our pupils. 


Estyn Annual Report 2018