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06th Jul 2022

Covid-19 Information Letter

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Dear Parents/Carers,

We are pleased that we advised a cautious return to school. We are working closely with our link-consultant in Powys for Public Health Wales, tailoring interventions and risk management to reflect local risks and circumstances and to proportionately balance risk with meeting the needs of our pupils.

However, there are some measures that we advise should be consistent throughout the Local Authority in line with the new framework. We strongly encourage all staff and pupils from year 7 upwards to take LFD tests twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday. You will be able to get tests from us, libraries and pharmacies.

It is also an expectation that there are good hygiene regimes such as handwashing regularly throughout the day for all staff and pupils both at home and at school. This will prevent the spread of the virus - In order to help the school fully remain open. Staff, parents and pupils have their part to play in risk management.

Positive cases must isolate for 10 days from the onset of symptoms (with the first day being day 0). Those in close contact with positive cases no longer need to isolate, but are advised that they should take a PCR test, although this is optional and at parents’ discretion. Pupils can be in school before the time of their PCR test and can return to school whilst waiting for results.

We would also advise parents and carers to continue to be vigilant and book a PCR test if their child displays symptoms. Those displaying symptoms must stay at home until the result of the test is known. We would also advise parents and carers to continue administer LFD tests at home to adults and children aged 11 and over for their family when asymptomatic.

To be transparent with our community so that they can take whatever action they feel necessary to keep themselves and their families as safe as possible, without the intent to alarm anyone. It is difficult to accurately judge who is a close contact in a school, as potentially all pupils and staff come into contact with each other on a daily basis.

If you wish to take your child for a PCR test when displaying no symptoms, please advise school by phoning Emma in the office. Children can return to school once a PCR test has been administered and only need to isolate should the result be positive.

When (and I’m afraid it is a case of when not if) we have a positive case in your child’s school site, an inform and warn letter will be sent out to you.

We are also advising that parent meetings continue to take place remotely where possible.

We know it isn’t going to be plain sailing, but it is important to remember Covid has not gone away. In fact, most schools have already had a number of positive cases and we are likely to have positive cases within our school community. However, we can do our best to minimise the risk of infection between others.

Once again, we thank you for your co-operation to date and hope that children and young people can remain in school throughout the autumn term and things can be back to normal in our schools as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Bettws Lifehouse