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16th Aug 2022



Dear Parents/Carers,

You will all be aware by now of the announcement last week by Kirsty Williams.  In it, she suggested that all schools in Wales would be open to all pupils on June 29th and that the Summer Term would now end on July 27th (with a PD day).  She did clarify that social distancing and COVID hygiene would need to be in place and as such, it was likely that only 1/3 pupils would be able to be in school at any one time. To account for the ‘lost’ week of summer holidays, the Autumn Half Term would become a two week break.


The Directors and SLT have considered this WAG advisory statement and applied it to our own situation and, most importantly, with the experience and situation of our pupils.  Our conclusion is that much of the above makes sense and that all our pupils SHOULD have opportunity to attend school before the summer break and gain an understanding of how COVID regulations will affect their school day for some time to come.  It will give parents a small amount of respite and help us build on relationships to develop and continue the ‘blended learning packages’ into the Autumn if necessary.  Therefore, please consider this letter as notice that the Summer Term will end for pupils at The Lifehouse on Friday 24th July and that we will plan to take a two week break in October 2020. Autumn term will begin for pupils on WEDS 2nd September but we will be in touch before then when we know what health restrictions will be being applied at that time.


Every family experience is different and some may want to continue to shield or isolate.  We will respect that choice. However, many of the pupils will be offered and able to accept the option of increased time in school from the 29th June.

If anyone has any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Kind regards

Kay Jones

Managing Director