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16th Aug 2022

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Covid-19 : Moving Out of Lockdown May 2020


Notice to the Community from the directors of Bettws Lifehouse


Kay & Adrian Jones and Meg Jones



The directors of Bettws Lifehouse would like to reassure the community that we are doing everything possible to play our role in keeping EVERYONE safe and manage risks during this Coronovirus pandemic.


We recognise our responsibilities not just to the pupils and their families, our staff, their families, but also to the local community and the wider Welsh, UK and indeed global community.


We are working in partnership with Welsh Government , to follow their advice and guidance and developing robust Covid-19 policies and procedures.


We have NO PLANS to reopen school fully prior to September 2020 at the earliest, and only then if this is deemed the safest and best course of action to manage risks.


It must be noted that ALL Bettws Lifehouse pupils are defined by UK and Welsh Government as ‘vulnerable children’, and as such there is an expectation from Welsh Government that school should be open to them if deemed necessary.


They are entitled to come to school but should and do continue to remain at home if it is safer for them to do so. Our staff should also work from home unless their work can only be done in school.


We are fortunate that with robust planning and strong partnership work with families, all our pupils have been able to remain at home up to now. We have so far been able to manage the needs and balance the risks by providing robust distance learning and wellbeing support packages. Some of our older pupils in Welshpool have been able to successfully manage and benefit from a few “keeping in touch days”.


A few members of staff visit school for work they cannot do at home.


From June 1st 2020 all Bettws Lifehouse pupils will remain primarily on distance learning until no sooner than September 2020.


We have plans in place to enhance and strengthen the provision for all of our pupils to ensure they are having their complex needs and legislative rights met. We are introducing outreach sessions near the pupils’ homes for a number of our younger pupils who are based in Bettws. A few older pupils in Welshpool will be having one or two regular days in school.


It may become necessary and appropriate for a few of our pupils to have some sessions in school in Bettws as we move further into June. This will be in very small numbers only (no more than a very few pupils and staff in school on any day).


Any pupils attending school will NOT be using or spending any time in areas outside the school premises until further notice,


We will NOT be using the recreation ground or walking around the village with pupils.


Lockdown roadmap for Wales published: “normal life will not be possible for many months – possibly years”

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Wales is currently moving tentatively into the RED zone and so Bettws Lifehouse is moving with Wales to increase our provision with due diligence to our wide-ranging responsibilities, risk management and Covid-19 hygiene.


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Bettws Lifehouse will move into the amber zone and ultimately into the green zone and hopefully beyond lockdown, in time and in line with the rest of Wales and Welsh Government guidance.