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Covid 19- School Closure
16th Aug 2022

Covid 19- School Closure


Today, 18th March, Kirsty Williams the Minister for Education announced that all schools in Wales will close from the end of the school day on Friday 20th March 2020. Whilst we are an Independent School we have been strongly advised to follow the guidance and take our responsibility seriously.

Ms Williams states that during the time of early closure:
"The key areas we are looking at are supporting and safeguarding the vulnerable and ensuring continuity of learning. We are looking in detail at how we can support and safeguard all those who benefit from free school meals and children with additional learning needs."

All of you will be contacted by a member of the school team over the next few days; you may have already been spoken to. We are putting into place individual packages for all of our pupils with learning activities, tasks and interactions appropriate to their needs. As parents, you will be playing a key role in helping to facilitate education whilst pupils are at home and so we will ensure that you and the pupils are regularly spoken to about challenges and progress.

These are strange times for all of us! We will keep you as informed as we can. Most importantly, do keep your families safe and well.

The Lifehouse Team