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Parent Information Sharing Event
16th Aug 2022

Parent Information Sharing Event

Dear Parents/Carers


We will be holding an information sharing event on Wednesday the 21st of November at 14:00 pm. Topics will include safety and wellbeing, the internet and gaming, interventions and holds.


We are aware that it is very important for you all to know how we keep your children safe here at school, not only when they are deregulated but also when those around them may be in crisis. There will be a demonstration of the holds we use here at The Lifehouse and the strategies we use to deescalate a situation.  Please be aware that this is not a training session but an opportunity for you to observe how we work.


We will also welcome your contributions, hear your experiences and will then be happy to answer any questions.  We are keen to support families and appreciate the difficulties and stresses that frequently happen.



If you wish to attend this afternoon please call the office on 01686 651166 or you can email Becky: becky@bettwsstaff.co.uk.



The Lifehouse Team