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Here at Bettws Lifehouse we are extreamly lucky as we have an Equine yard which gets used daily by our pupils. We have a fully qualified BHS instructor who leads sessions in Riding and Horsemanship. Pupils also visit the yard with staff to provide a therapeutic strand of the curriculum as horses are well known to work wonders to increase confidence, core strength and coordination. 


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Archie is a cheeky chappy! He is a 13.2 hands high New Forest Gelding, but he likes to think he is a 17 hand thoroughbred stallion! Born in Dorset’s New Forest in 2004, he spent his foal-hood mostly stealing people’s picnics, before being snapped up by a small Shropshire pony-club when he was 3 years old. He had a very good education there before coming to us 5 years ago, and has made us laugh every-day since!

Archie is an amazing colour-changing pony. His blue-roan colour, means his coat is a dark brown with flecks of silver and goes through several colour changes a year: he can be anything from a woolly brown bear in January to a sleek silver fox in July!

Archie can be a bit lazy. This makes him super-safe as unless you ask him to do anything else he mostly likes to save energy and stand still or walk slowly!  … but if you can make it fun (and show him who’s boss!)  he’ll turn his hoof to anything and can be quite sprightly. Mostly he is ruled by his tummy!



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Shilo stands at approximately 15 hands high, Shilo is a bit bigger and stockier than Archie. He is a Welsh Cob, although his skewbald colouring would suggest a bit of  Clydesdale in there somewhere! Shilo is a saint. He hasn’t got a bad bone in his body – he’ll look after any beginner, but is also very able to give a more experienced rider a lot of fun.






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