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Kian Year 9 

Newton’s laws of motion

Kian Example Photo.jpg


  • Sir Isaac Newton described 3 laws of motion (Movement). These laws apply everywhere in the universe.
  • The first law of motion says that objects like to keep doing what they’re doing.
  • Still objects like to stay still and moving objects like to keep moving. This only changes when an outside force acts on the object.
  • The second law says that force equals mass times acceleration.
  • This means you get more acceleration with a bigger force.
  • The third and final law says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
  • This means if you lift a kg weight it pushes down on you with the same force as you needed to use to lift it.





Ash Year 6


Things we used:

Copper sulphate

A stick

Some string

A beaker

Hot water

What we did:

We put some hot water in a beaker.  Then we stirred in lots of copper sulphate.  We kept stirring until all of the copper sulphate was dissolved.  Next we tied the string to the stick and hung the string in the beaker of dissolved copper sulphate.  We left the string in the beaker for a week. 

What happened:

When we took the string out it had a big blue crystal on it!


Ash 1.jpg   Ash 2.jpg  Ash 3.jpg





Nails experiment

What I used:


Copper sulphate

Sulphuric acid solution

Test tubes


What I did:

I put nails in three test tubes.  There was one nail in each test tube.  Then I put some water in the first test tube, copper sulphate in another and sulphuric acid solution in the last tube.  I left the nails in the test tubes for a week and then we took pictures.  This was to see if anything had happened to the nails.

What happened:

I found that the nail in the water had gone a bit rusty.  The nail in the copper sulphate solution has turned pink!  The nail in the sulphuric acid solution had turned black and some blue-green crystals had formed in the test tube.


Ash 1a.jpg Ash 1b.jpg Ash 1c.jpg


The picture on the left shows the nail in water.

The middle pictures shows the nail in copper sulphate solution.

The picture on the right shows the nail in sulphuric acid solution.


Ash a.jpg Ash b.jpg Ash c.jpg


The pictures above show a normal nail next to the nails I used in my experiment.


What I found out:

I found out that the appearance of a steel nail might change if it is put into different liquids.  I enjoyed doing the experiment.