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Archie .jpg

Archie is a cheeky chappy! He is a 13.2 hands high New Forest Gelding, but he likes to think he is a 17 hand thoroughbred stallion! Born in Dorset’s New Forest in 2004, he spent his foal-hood mostly stealing people’s picnics, before being snapped up by a small Shropshire pony-club when he was 3 years old. He had a very good education there before coming to us 5 years ago, and has made us laugh every-day since!

Archie is an amazing colour-changing pony. His blue-roan colour, means his coat is a dark brown with flecks of silver and goes through several colour changes a year: he can be anything from a woolly brown bear in January to a sleek silver fox in July!

Archie can be a bit lazy. This makes him super-safe as unless you ask him to do anything else he mostly likes to save energy and stand still or walk slowly!  … but if you can make it fun (and show him who’s boss!)  he’ll turn his hoof to anything and can be quite sprightly. Mostly he is ruled by his tummy!



Shilo .jpg

Shilo stands at approximately 15 hands high, Shilo is a bit bigger and stockier than Archie. He is a Welsh Cob, although his skewbald colouring would suggest a bit of  Clydesdale in there somewhere! Shilo is a saint. He hasn’t got a bad bone in his body – he’ll look after any beginner, but is also very able to give a more experienced rider a lot of fun.



Bearded Dragon.JPG

Deago is a Bearded Dragon around 7 years of age.  He loves eating worms and enjoys relaxing in the sunshine. 




Gordon jpeg.jpg


Gordon is a smooth haired guinea pig, who is approaching his first birthday. He is a very friendly and very chatty guinea pig. He loves to cuddle into peoples jumpers and his favourite food is dandylion leaves.




Gilbert is around 8 months old and is a little shy. His best buddy is called Gordon and they are room mates. His loves melon to nibble on.