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My name is Ethan I am 11 years old and I joined Lifehouse when I was 10.

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Different ways to learn

Ok so I will admit that I don’t learn a great deal of maths or English when I am at the stables but I do learn how to ride and look after Archie the horse. The teacher Rachel keeps me and Ella safe. I am currently holding the record for most times for falling off,  at 1 time, but Karen was there to catch me!


I am mucking out Archie’s stables before I fetched him from the field.




A great start to the summer term with lots of children having opportunity to go down the stables and ride Archie. Archie is a lovely new forest part bred pony who enjoys teaching all the children how to ride. He is also very obliging in helping them learn stable management skills. He lets them brush him, plait his mane and tail and occasionally has a bath!

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September 24th 2013


Equine therapy Mid Wales

Learning with the horses











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