Communicating through spoken language is not easy for some of our pupils. This pupil is starting to use typing as an effective form of communication. In this instance he has been working on learning to tell the time, and his own schedules…..


12th February 2014


What time do you come to school Charlie?

9 o’clock (some help)

Thats right. Brilliant.

What time were you playing with the blocks?

Half past 9 (some help)

Well done

Snack time. What time is snack time ?

10 oclock (some help)

You’re eating again…what time is break time Charlie?

12 no 12 no 11 oclock (Independent)

What time were you working with Lynda?

12 oclock (totally independent)

Its Dinner time next. What time is that Charlie?

Half past 12 (Totally independently)

More work with the play dough. What time is it?

Half past 1 (Totally independent)

What time were you working in the kitchen?

2 oclock ( independent)

Last one, your favourite time of the day…what are you doing in the photograph Charlie?
tina home (Independent)

So….what time do you go home?

Home  (Independent)

Half past 2. (Independent)

Thats right and its nearly half past 2 now!!!

Well done Charlie. J


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