Writing from the Tree Planting Day

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The young people have done some writing about our tree planting day. Here are some excerpts …exactly as they were written ( unedited!!) ENJOY! We hope it gives you a flavour of what the day was like. Many, many thanks to Kieran King for all his organisation and Peter Powell from The Severn River Trust for his knowledge and expertise on the day.

The Hedge-planting Day

On the 12th of the 11th 2015 Kieran planned a fun day for everyone at the Lifehouse. We got into four groups with one member of staff. (PA)

The POND …
Firstly our group started the pond and digging a trench for the electrick’s for the pond pump to have a waterfall. (PA)
My favourite activity was the pond because it was muddy and we built a waterfall. We plan to put fish in it and plant bull rushes. (EGC)

Willow craft …
We also made craft and willow sculptures to go all around our pond.
Willow crafting was the best activity of all. We used the willow from the willow dome and made lots of fish by weaving willow sticks together. (PA).
I made a 3-d fish from willow and fabric. Adventually I will add more fabric to it. And we are working on a heron at the minit to adventully go by the pond. (MM)

A Bug Hotel …

For a bug hotel you will need: bottles, moss, pallets, bricks, straw and little things you find around the garden. (TA)
We made a bug hotel so that bugs can come and live there. We started off with pallets and we put some bits and pieces and some moss. In it then I made a bottle for the little creatures to get in and out then I got a log then I drill some holes into it so spiders can get in. (EB)
On tree planting day my favourite thing was making the bug hotel. I liked drilling the holes in the wood for the bugs to go into. (JG)
Hedge-planting …
After that we planted the trees. We had oak trees, blackthorn trees, hazel and silver burch. I got very muddy and my clothes was dirty but it was good fun! (ES)
Hedge planting was the most difficult activity for me. I struggled digging the trench as I’m no incredible hulk but as I was digging, I took a tumble and entertained everyone but it was also the highlight of my day! There were lots of trees to plant, I’m not sure exactly how many but everyone planted around 7 each. (JN)
We began digging. It was rocky soil. Jamie fell over! Once we had dug the trench we loosened the plants roots and put them twelve inches inbitween each other. We put the soil back and put compost on top of the soil. Then we put in canes and rabbit guards (not rabbits with weapons!) (RJ)
I struggled with the hedge building because I am very tall and the space was too small. (JW)
I loved the tree planting because I got muddy and wet. I also had an interesting chat with Pete from the Severn River Trust. We talked about the environment and nature and how to help it. (EGC)

A big Thank you to: Kieran King fro organising the day; Meg, Kay and the village committee for allowing it; Pete and Gareth for volunteering and helping us; all the staff and pupils who mucked in on the day, and of course The Woodland Trust for the trees for our hedge!
We had a few village visitors who came to show their support which was very much appreciated. In my opinion I wish we had more days like that. Don’t you? (JN)