Garden day

Posted by: | Posted on: November 10, 2015


This Thursday  (12th November) we have a whole school ‘Garden day’ planned!




This is been planned to accommodate the planting of 200 trees that have been given to us by the Woodland trust, as part of a new hedge. We are delighted by this donation, and are making a day of it with pupils rotating through several ‘garden-based’ activities during the day.




We do have contingency plans for horrid weather but would like to aim to get as much hedge-planting done whatever the weather even if some other plans have to be shelved, so please can you ensure that your child / young person comes to school NEXT Thursday appropriately dressed for a day of working in the garden!




It would be helpful if he or she wears old clothes and brings waterproofs, wellies and spares.




Photos and information about the day will be put on the school website / facebook page after the event and we may have some press interest. Only pupils for whom we have permission will be included in publicity photos.




Thank you for your help to make this day a success!