Bettws Lifehouse Severe Weather Policy

Posted by: | Posted on: January 10, 2017

January 9th 2017

Dear parents / carers and drivers,

With snow forecast for some of us over the next 10 days, please see below our expectations and procedures for severe weather conditions.

1. Whenever there is severe weather or a severe weather warning we DO NOT ASK OR EXPECT TAXI DRIVERS TO TAKE ANY RISKS driving in any conditions in which they feel it is unsafe to complete the journey.

2. Reasonable efforts will be made to keep school open on days when some pupils can travel safely to and from school.

3. School will be closed if it is unsafe for a significant number of staff members to complete the journey to school safely.

4. Whenever a decision to close the school for reasons of severe weather is taken prior to the start of the school day, the Senior Leadership Team will endeavour to contact all parents / carers of school students by 7.30 am to advise of this. If such a decision is made after the school day has begun, parents / carers will be informed, as will the relevant Transport authorities, in order to ensure that all children will arrive home safely and with somebody to meet them.

As always we hope that our pupils’ education will not be disrupted, but there are occasions when this is unavoidable in order to maintain safety.

If in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact school via telephone or email