Learning Pathways

Each student will have their own learning pathway and achieve a level of education and qualification in several areas.  We will:

*  Offer a range of experiences and new opportunities.


*  Capitalise on strengths, areas of interest and aptitude.

*  Help students to tackle the areas of learning that they find more challenging.


*  Ensure that all pupils leave school with the highest level of qualification appropriate in Maths, English, ICT and Science.


*  Equip pupils with skills, certification and qualifications in areas relevant to them as individuals.






Students will be supported to make life choices.  We will encourage self-discovery and will work to raise self-esteem:


*  Acceptance  and understanding of  ourselves and others around us.

*  Everyone’s thoughts and opinions will be heard.


*  We will not shy away from difficult issues.


*  Every success will be recognised and celebrated.



Everything we do at The Lifehouse will be underpinned by our belief that communities need to work together in an ecologically friendly and humanitarian way.  We will:


*  Treat each other with respect.


*  Learn about good citizenship.


*  Develop The Lifehouse as an eco-friendly community and to understand the wider implications of this status.


*  Become an intrinsic part of village life.




      The Lifehouse will seek to work closely with families.  Other agencies will be utilised wherever appropriate. We will:



*  Encourage good communication between involved parties.


*  Be open, transparent and welcoming.


*  Seek to actively involve parents and carers in their child’s learning and to embrace them into The Lifehouse community.





Our Philosophy

When the idea to make this provision a reality first came about, it was with the overwhelming belief that some students just could not succeed within the current system.  Given a different expectation and the support of staff that have experience in this field, these pupils can and should  also SUCCEED!


We do not shy away from difficult issues and believe that some students will need to learn new techniques to deal with day-to-day management of their lives, problems and issues. Relationships with families and friends can be explored in a safe and supportive atmosphere that will allow students to consider options for the future.


We recognise the importance of building on individual strengths and meeting individual needs. The student must be actively listened to and involved in that process.  Our belief is that the way individuals see and feel about themselves is critical in determining the outcome of any learning opportunity.  The promotion of a positive self-image and building of self-esteem therefore underpins our whole approach.


The success of our students depends on them being here!  Whilst we monitor attendance very closely, the structure of our induction programme is tailored so that the students begin to invest in their own futures and WANT to be with us.  Experience has proved that this has been the case and the majority of our students achieve over 90% attendance.


We believe that all students can make positive changes for themselves with the appropriate support and expertise and that these changes will be longer lasting and more real if they come from within the person.  We recognise that sometimes change needs to come with outside help.  We have a commitment to equal opportunities for all students.



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