Clothing Policy




Clothing, Jewellery and Personal Belongings Policy



Date of writing: July 2007

Date of last Review: January 2018




Aims and Objectives


Uniform is not currently regarded as an important facet of the education at The Lifehouse.  We encourage our pupils to express personal taste and individuality whilst still having regard to sensibilities and practicalities of the school day. There are also constraints put on by regard to Health and Safety.  Therefore we encourage students to wear clothes that are comfortable for the purpose and provide the correct amount of protection for the activities they are engaged in. We are also respectful of the sensory needs of some individuals and the requirements that this imposes on their choice of clothes


The Lifehouse understands that pupils may bring personal property in to alleviate boredom on a long taxi journey, for example.


Staff also have a responsibility to present themselves in a reasonable and professional way, appropriate to our setting.


The following points apply to both staff and pupils:


      Tops should have appropriate body coverage (e.g. no bare midriffs or low cut). Legs should be covered to knee or below.

      Body art should be covered if it is deemed inappropriate by management.

      Everyone should be aware of safety issues in regard to scarves and jewellery, and follow guidance in certain lessons.

      Clothing and personal appearance should be clean, neat, tidy and give a positive, friendly impression to pupils, fellow staff, visitors and the public




The nature of activities at The Lifehouse is varied and each day will hold many different types of lessons. 







We ask that students and staff wear sensible clothing appropriate to the tasks they may be asked to do.  A sturdy pair of shoes may be needed at times (not trainers) and we encourage comfortable, practical shoes at all other times.  We will supply safety boots, wellies, riding boots and overalls when required.  We recommend comfortable trousers and t – shirts are worn, and that warm and waterproof extra layers are kept at The Lifehouse. Tops should have sleeves and cover shoulders and midriffs. Skirts or shorts should be knee length. Coat hooks are provided.  If Health & Safety rules mean you have to wear extra items such as goggles we will provide them. Clothing should also be modest and not expose skin gratuitously



Jewellery worn to The Lifehouse should be kept to a minimum.  This is largely for Health & Safety reasons.  We recommend only studs are worn in piercings and discourage neck chains as they can easily get caught in machinery or pulled by others. Watches and bracelets may also be dangerous in some situations. If students come to The Lifehouse wearing jewellery that prevents them from taking part in an activity they will be asked to remove it and place it in the office or they may be unable to do the activity.  We cannot accept responsibility for the safety of these items.


Mobile Phones, MP3s, Game consoles:

Students will be expected to take responsibility for ensuring that these are turned off and out of site during lesson time.


They should be stored securely in the office until the end of the day.  If a student chooses not to hand a device in to the office ON NO ACCOUNT should this device be seen during the school day.