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The Lifehouse exists because we have a fundamental belief that there is a sector of children whose needs cannot be met by mainstream education and for whom there is limited local provision. It is our aim to provide an education for children who need to have a more holistic approach and that takes account of their personal and social needs.  We endeavour to work on nurturing self-esteem and allowing pupils to be themselves in a safe and encouraging environment.




To provide access to The Lifehouse:


·        To provide an alternative for children who are not suited to mainstream education

·        To provide a variety of experiences and tailor a curriculum to enhance personal strengths

·        To nurture personal growth and encourage good citizenship

·        To enable learning in academic and practical areas to be transferred into the workplace


To ensure that The Lifehouse is the most appropriate setting for pupils who have been referred.


To set selection criteria and procedures for admission that are consistent and fair.


To ensure that admission of a new pupil is the right decision for The Lifehouse community.


Criteria for admission


The Lifehouse accepts pupils who are aged between 9 and 19, up to maximum of 30 placements


Admissions can taken at any point in the academic year, which begins in September.


Consideration will be given to the current cohort’s ability to absorb a new admission.  In a small setting such as The Lifehouse it is paramount that new admissions show the potential to become part of the team and accepted by their peers.


The Lifehouse acknowledges that mainstream education is the ‘best’ place for the majority of children and the most appropriate place to gain a broad selection of qualifications.  Therefore, The Lifehouse is suitable for children whose needs lie in other areas. This will include pupils at risk of exclusion, or who have been excludedfrom mainstream school as well as pupils who have withdrawn from education or been unable to engage.


The Headteacher must agree that the pupil’s learning difficulties and other special needs can be met by The Lifehouse.


Our pupils will be drawn from those that need


Ø  An individual curriculum

Ø  A safe and encouraging environment

Ø  A variety of learning areas

Ø  A high staffing ratio

Ø  A small, stable and calm setting in which to learn

Ø  A strong emphasis on nurture and support to encourage self-development

Ø  Practical learning opportunities


Where other agencies are involved, there will be agreement that a holistic environment is more beneficial than a purely academic route. 


Pupils whose needs have included regular restraint or violence would rarely be considered as appropriate. Pupils who have a sibling already on roll, will not be considered until that sibling has left.


Any pupil referred to The Lifehouse will be considered by The Directors.  The Directors will consult with staff as to suitability of the placement.  Where there is some uncertainty, a panel consisting of two directors, one of whom will always be the Headteacher, Mr B Whitehall  (subject teacher) and Mr J Davies (experienced support with behaviourally challenging children) will reach a final decision. 


The directors retain the right to refuse an application without giving reason.  However, it would be normal procedure to give justification for that decision where ever possible. Factors which are not taken into account are skin colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national origin, religious faith, culture, area of residence or socio-economic group.


Record of Admissions


A register of admissions is kept in accordance with Education (pupil registration) Regulations 1995 SI 1995 no: 2089





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  1. Heather Kelly says:

    I was wondering where, when vacancies arise are they advertised.
    Many Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Heather, we usually advertise in the local press e.g. Shropshire Star and County Times. However, if you would be interested in a post with us, please drop us a personal statement and cv in the post and we will keep it on file. Thank you for your interest.

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