Pathway to Success


At The Lifehouse we understand the need for students to gain academic qualification and vocational skills wherever possible, but we do not underestimate the personal journey that we all need to travel.  It is the journey that enables us to transfer those skills into work and home with success. We believe our commitment to the Personal Growth area of our curriculum is what sets us apart from other training providers.  We believe that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs clearly shows an individual’s path to successful learning and we have included a copy of this for you to consider.


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Different ways to learn

Social pressures and experiences may have had a huge influence on individual lives and we are not afraid to be frank and open in our exploration of these topics.  Of course, appropriate setting and support is crucial and progress will be dictated by the individual’s readiness to make each step.  Staff are highly experienced and trained in counselling and special needs, with a commitment to empowering young people to be able to make informed choices.  Therapeutic input is available, and forms part of an individual’s Learning Pathway when required. We will consider relationships, social issues, empathy and understanding others, responsibility and many other areas.  Students will have the opportunity for one to one sessions, but will also benefit from sharing experiences with other members of The Lifehouse community.


Each student has a personal Learning Diary that tracks them through each day and enables staff and pupil to clearly see behaviour patterns and difficulties as well as the great achievements and successes.  Positive and negative tabs are kept for each session and really good effort is instantly recognised with a merit. These are collected and lead to reward time.  Staff and pupils regularly read the diaries together so that maximum understanding of behaviour and consequence is achieved. Targets are then agreed between pupil and teacher, and are set and monitored through this Learning Diary.

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