Engaging pupils

Many of our students have had negative experiences in previous educational settings. We work hard to ensure that their experiences with us remain as positive and varied as possible.  We include lots of activities and trips to extend their knowledge of the world and the society we live in. Whether in school or out on trips, we always operate a high staff to pull ratio, making sure that everyone is able to feel safe at all times.

Not sure about your friend, George!!

Not sure about your friend, George!!

The children loved a visit from The Animal Man and the chance to ‘face their fears’.

Although not everyone had any!! ( I think it was me who was behind the door!!)

Snakes don't bother Ella

Snakes don’t bother Ella

Or Jared

Or Jared





Many of the young people love being outdoors and doing practical activities.  We make the most of this enthusiasm by using our access to garden, woodland and farms to capture their imagination in cross curricular activities.  It’s amazing how much maths can be incorporated into building a den, or working out a feed ration for a dairy cow!


We also encourage our students to spread their wings and join after school clubs in their own local communities wherever possible.

In February 2013, Elliot  (dressed in the black tailcoat) performed in a production of A Midsummer Nights Dream with the Shropshire Youth Theatre at Theatre Severn.

Fen on stage


A very proud staff team, went along to support him. We are looking forward to his next performance in March of this year.




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