Each student will have an individually tailored curriculum, appropriate to his or her abilities, needs and interests.  This will lead to individual success, certification and formal recognition wherever possible.


Each student’s learning pathway will include elements taken from the 9 areas of The Lifehouse Curriculum, to ensure a broad and balanced range of experiences.


On arrival at The Lifehouse, all students will complete an induction curriculum, after which they will be involved in planning their own Lifehouse Learning Pathway (LLP).

LLPs will be monitored, reviewed and adapted as appropriate at regular



Individual LLPs will be carefully structured with a view to:

Maximising each student’s potential

Overcoming learning barriers

Making learning accessible, relevant and stimulating

Tailoring to the student’s abilities and learning needs

Capitalising on aptitudes, interests and enthusiasms

Leading to useful qualifications at the highest level achievable





There are 4 Strands to The Lifehouse Curriculum:

          Core Skills:     Communication, English and literacy

                                Mathematical Development


                                Information and Communication Technology


        Personal & Social Development:

                                PSHE : Self & Social Sills


                                Creative Development, to include Art & Design

                                Physical Development, including recreational                                   sport, coordination and motor skills  development, horseriding and outdoor pursuits

                                Residential outdoor education

                                Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme


        Knowledge & Understanding of the world:

                                History, Geography, R.E.

                                British and Welsh Culture

                                Other Languages & Cultures eg Spanish, German

                                Project Work


        Practical Skills and Knowledge for home and work:

                                Workshop, carpentry, DIY

                                Bike & Motor Mechanics


                                Work, Leisure & Domestic LifeSkills



                                First Aid

                                Pet Care

                                Hair and Beauty




Some teaching will be explicit to one curriculum area to meet specific learning needs or qualification requirements. At other times, a student’s learning will be through integrated cross-curricular activities. 


There are aspects of the curriculum that ALL students will do throughout their time at The Lifehouse, and others which can be selected or not according to individual need & interest.


The detail of each curriculum area is drawn from a range of sources.

These include:



 National Curriculum documents

From the Foundation Stage Curriculum to Key Stage 5


Qualification Syllabi: WJEC & OCR


        GCSE courses in core subjects

         OCR Nationals

         Key Skills & Essential Skills Wales

         Entry Level courses


Our own training, knowledge and expertise & Curriculum Development


SEAL (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning) Material


Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme


OCN units


Liaison with others:

          local business,

          education and rural enterprise,

          National Trust, Woodland Trust

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