What is The Lifehouse

A nurture group setting, providing a therapeutic and holistic education


What Is The Lifehouse?



In February 2007, Meg and Kay were both working with children who had additional needs.  Kay was in mainstream education and Meg in a pupil referral unit.  Their paths crossed and they soon realised that their own personal ethos towards pupil inclusion was very similar. They wanted to create a provision that could provide holistic education to children who may have experienced failure in the normal local authority educational opportunities.

Holistic education is based on the principle that pupils can find identity and purpose in life by connecting to their communities, nature and humanitarian values. The purpose of holistic education is to not only provide opportunity for academic success, but also to learn to cope with challenges of life and living beyond the structures of school. Important emphasis is placed on learning about themselves, healthy relationships, responsibility, and empathy.

It was decided that the best way to provide the environment they wanted to produce at The Lifehouse was through a nurture group ethos, balancing features of a home and a school in the same place. Nurture groups were originally designed to help children experience nurturing and warm relationships with an adult in a safe and predictable environment, which in turn promoted social, emotional and cognitive development (Boxall 2002).



Over the years we have developed and evolved, learning from students and families, experts and authorities, to create our own unique setting.  We now provide a recognised and respected option to local authorities looking for a specialised provision.  We are registered with the Welsh Assembly Government as a Special school providing for children with

  • social and emotional needs       and/or
  • who are on the autistic spectrum        and who may have
  • moderate learning difficulties


We are inspected by Estyn ( the welsh equivalent of OFSTED) regularly and reports are freely available on the web.




The Lifehouse is recognised as providing a therapeutic setting for children from a myriad of backgrounds and needs.