Becoming a pupil

Most of the young people who attend the Lifehouse have emotional and behavioural challenges that benefit from being in a setting that has high support and low arousal. We have pupils who have had difficult histories, perhaps now in formal care situations, who need specific help and guidance not only with their academic achievement but also with their peer relationships. Many of our students have multiple diagnoses, including those on the autistic spectrum. All of our young people have complex needs that require individual planning for both their curriculum and their support.


Our registration as a Special School states that we can accept pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties, those on the autistic spectrum and those with moderate learning difficulties. Our school is run on a nurture group basis, and is not specifically attuned to being an ‘autistic friendly’ environment, but through experience we have discovered that it does suit some with autistic diagnoses.


Our setting especially benefits those who need:

  • Close support to sustain relationships and manage free time
  •  A curriculum that is tailored to their interests and strengths
  • Individual attention to specific areas of learning to help them reach their educational goals
  • Therapeutic input to help make real and sustainable change
  • Good family liaison to support making a real difference