What Is It?


The Lifehouse opened in September 2007, to provide a valid and realistic alternative to mainstream education and pupil referral units, for those needing something ‘a little bit different’. We are registered with the Welsh Assembly Government for children with Emotional and behavioural difficulties, Autistic Spectrum diagnosis and moderate learning difficulties. We can accommodate up to 20 pupils aged between 9 and 19.


We recognise that not everyone can access learning through the standard provision and The Lifehouse is an option which meets individual needs, develops essential life skills, and also provides accredited qualifications where appropriate.


Family values and the development of self worth are intrinsic to our curriculum.  This means that in the future, they will be more able to carve personal pathways to successful independent living, happy and productive work and social lives and raising their own families.


Each day at The Lifehouse is a positive and enriching experience.


One’s experiences in life predetermine one’s expectations and outlooks. At The Lifehouse we can provide new experiences; challenge the choices students may have made in the past, and influence the choices they will make in the future.  Our aim is to support and nurture, recognising that human needs must be met in order for education to be accessible.  Individuality and celebrating ourselves are key to raising self-esteem.  Accepting and understanding who we all are and where we come from is crucial.


Preparation for life and its demands lead our learning.  Ideas brought forward by the students shape their own learning pathways under the guidance of Lifehouse staff.  Opportunities to develop areas of strength and interest sit alongside the challenge of addressing areas of learning with which they are not so comfortable. Students revisit the foundations of the learning experience in order to gather confidence and underpin their progress and development.  Students are able to then progress along a planned route of learning that takes account of individual pace and understanding.


The Lifehouse is a learning community.   We celebrate the diversity of our members and the excitement that every day of our lives is a learning opportunity. Time here is a step along the path of life long learning!

Who do we provide for?


We can provide for any young person aged between 9 and 19, who is in need of an alternative education provision.  Students who find The Lifehouse a more appropriate place to learn may have found that their previous school experience was not flexible enough to accommodate their individual needs.  Some may have social pressures that have made being in a large class difficult.  Some may have diagnoses of ASD, often in conjunction with other areas of difficulty that can lead to complex individual needs. Some may have missed out part of their education and need the support and learning areas that we offer. In fact there can be a whole plethora of reasons why any individual may find that The Lifehouse is the best place for them to be!


How would you become a student at THE LIFEHOUSE?


There are several ways to join the community.  In most cases, the Local Education Authority has decided that we are the most appropriate placement for an individual and a contract will have been drawn up that will again reflect the wishes of parents, student, provider and purchaser.  Parents who have chosen to home school, or who are looking for an alternative, are also welcome to choose The Lifehouse as a provider for a part or all of their child’s education. There may be an individual contract between a school and The Lifehouse.  This will have been drawn up after consultation between staff at the school, parents or carers and the staff at The Lifehouse to ensure that everyone agrees it will be the best provision for the student at this time.


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