Bettws Lifehouse Severe Weather Policy

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January 9th 2017

Dear parents / carers and drivers,

With snow forecast for some of us over the next 10 days, please see below our expectations and procedures for severe weather conditions.

1. Whenever there is severe weather or a severe weather warning we DO NOT ASK OR EXPECT TAXI DRIVERS TO TAKE ANY RISKS driving in any conditions in which they feel it is unsafe to complete the journey.

2. Reasonable efforts will be made to keep school open on days when some pupils can travel safely to and from school.

3. School will be closed if it is unsafe for a significant number of staff members to complete the journey to school safely.

4. Whenever a decision to close the school for reasons of severe weather is taken prior to the start of the school day, the Senior Leadership Team will endeavour to contact all parents / carers of school students by 7.30 am to advise of this. If such a decision is made after the school day has begun, parents / carers will be informed, as will the relevant Transport authorities, in order to ensure that all children will arrive home safely and with somebody to meet them.

As always we hope that our pupils’ education will not be disrupted, but there are occasions when this is unavoidable in order to maintain safety.

If in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact school via telephone or email


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THANK YOU everyone for the interest shown.  We are now shortlisting and so the application process is now closed.  14th January 2017


Career opportunity for someone who is highly motivated and focused on making a real difference. The opportunity has arisen to work in a highly experienced team, committed to improving life experience and chances for the young people who attend our school. We are looking for key workers to build strong relationships with children who have not been successful in their previous schools. We are proud of our pupils and their achievements. Please visit our website at The Lifehouse; an Independent Specialist School for children with ASD, MLD and EBD. We are situated on the welsh border, and hours of work are within normal school term times. Salary dependent on experience. Please contact Kay on


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School starts again on WEDNESDAY 4th January 2017! Cant wait to see everyone :-)


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Well!! A MASSIVE shout out to TWO Lifehouse people today. FIRSTLY …Jamie Noel for making the most wonderful nomination for a Best teacher award….. and to Kieran King for BEING that teacher!! So PROUD of both of these guys!!! A team that includes staff AND pupils! Have a great weekend you SUPERHEROES!


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Bettws Life House Reach For Gold

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Pupils at Bettws Life House School, Bettws Cedewain are jumping for joy after a year of excellent results. Opening their GCSE and Key Skills results this morning, pupils were met with 100% pass rate. A further 84% of pupils achieved GCSE grades A*-C. The Special Needs School opened in 2007 to provide a holistic and nurturing teaching alternative to mainstream education. Congratulating the students and staff on a successful year, Managing Director Kay Jones says “Pupils at the Lifehouse have frequently had to face significant challenges and it is a testament to their determination to prove their worth and succeed.”
For those of you out there for whom it didn’t go quite to plan, The Lifehouse will be running some ‘we CAN do it’ re-take classes in key subjects, open to anyone in the evenings during the Autumn. Do get in touch if you might be interested.


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Over the last few weeks we have been rewarding GOOD MANNERS in school. Here are a couple of our recent winners! Well done boys! You are a pleasure to spend time with. As my Grandad used to say….’manners maketh man!’

Career opportunity

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Learning Support Worker


An opportunity has arisen to gain a place in the team as a Learning Support Worker at Bettws Lifehouse, an Independent Special School for children with EBD, ASD and MLD. The post is a FULL TIME contract initially, starting September 2016, and salaried per annum according to experience (£16 to £19.5K per annum)


The successful applicant will be an exceptionally skilled team player, with significant experience of working with Special Needs pupils. We are particularly looking for someone with experience in organising  & delivering catch-up literacy, including phonological support programmes.  The ability to work independently, think on your feet and immerse yourself in the needs of the children will be paramount.  We promote a child-centred approach in a nurture setting and a sound knowledge of attachment theory and nurture group philosophy would be advantageous. Opportunity for professional development will be actively encouraged.


This is a position for someone who is looking to become a valued member of a strong, skilled staff team, and who wants to play a key role within that.


Applications are invited in writing accompanied by a full CV to include references by 9am Friday 17th June.  Interviews will take place between Wednesday 22nd and Tuesday 28th June.


Interested candidates are welcome to visit The Lifehouse if available on Monday 13th or Wednesday 15th June from 4pm to 5pm.


Bettws Lifehouse, Bettws Cedewain, Newtown, Powys SY16 3DS

No Phones Please!!

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Due to some recent events, and advice received from governing bodies, we have made a school decision to not permit personal technology to be used by pupils during the school day. This includes any device which can make a digital recording or image.

We understand that many of them like to use phones and mp3 players etc, in their taxis for the journey. We will request that these are all handed in when children arrive in school, into a personal storage container. These will then all be held in the office until the end of the day. We advise that the devices are turned off.

As you know, we have no mobile reception in school anyway and so you can, as always, contact us through the office if there is an emergency message you need to pass on, or you are eager to know anything about your child during the day.

We would appreciate your full support. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Brain FACT

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A thought is a physical pathway in the brain. The more you have that thought the more you groove and strengthen that path and the easier it is to have it again and again.

That’s why having the thought “Why am I so hopeless?” is never a great idea because you start to create a self fulfilling prophecy as it becomes harder and harder to shake the belief that you’re hopeless.

Your brain hates holding two contradictory opinions at once because it creates cognitive dissonance, so when you tell yourself you’re hopeless your brain seeks out information to back up what you are saying.

And trust me it will find it and ignore contrary evidence. This is something called ‘Conformation Bias’.

And by the way, you are not hopeless, you’re lovely the way you are, so start telling yourself that instead.

Ratings on Video Games and Films

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It has come to our attention that several of the young people at The Lifehouse are playing on console games that have a rating of 18.  Many young people believe that the censorship is only there as guidance for purchase and that if parents say its ok to play them then there is no problem.

As a school, guidance for us is very clear that young people under the age of 18 should NOT be playing games or watching material with an 18 certificate and that if we are aware of this happening then we should look at it as a Safeguarding issue.

It is also wise to draw your attention to ‘on line’ chats available whilst gaming and the type of dialogue and exchanges that go on in these ’chat rooms’. The majority of this would be very inappropriate for young people to take part in and particularly for those with anxiety and social difficulties.

Please check that your young people are monitored during their on line activities whether through a console or a pc, and that their games and dvd’s have appropriate rating